We’re delighted to be the first retailer to launch an Online Clothing Bank, allowing our UK customers to donate for a discount. We know that updating your wardrobe tends to leave those older styles thrown to the side, unwanted and unused. So, we’ve come up with a charitable and sustainable solution where our UK customers can donate via our Online Clothing Bank, in partnership with The Salvation Army.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on many sectors but particularly charities, with 28% of people cutting their donations to charity since the start of the crisis. By launching this initiative, we’re aiming to make a change and support this important charity. We’re also pushing to increase our ongoing sustainability project. By joining this initiative we’re doing our bit to combat the throwaway fashion crisis that sees more than 336,000 tonnes of clothing end up in landfill each year.

Instead of physically going to a charity shop, you can click the link below, generate a free returns label and send your donations straight to The Salvation Army at your local DPD drop off point. Fuss free, helping charity and a much more sustainable way of clearing out your wardrobe!

The Salvation Army has been fighting social inequality and changing people's lives for the past 150 years, and their work today still impacts social and environmental change. Each year, the equivalent of 160,000,000 bath tubs of water can be saved through the Salvation Army’s reuse and recycle scheme. They also prevent 235,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere each year, both effective methods of combating the current climate crisis. The Salvation Army makes improvements to the lives of millions of people and over the past 10 years, they have raised £76 million through their donation schemes which supports projects including homelessness, modern slavery, poverty and community alongside many more. Your donations can be a part of continuing to create change!

Clothing, shoes, handbags and belts from any brand. 


1. Click this link
2. Print your returns label and attach to the front of your parcel (we recommend reusing our packaging for this if possible) and head to your nearest drop off point.
3. Check your emails for a special discount code once you’ve dropped off your donation.
4. Smile knowing you’ve made a difference today!


*please note: this is currently for our UK customers only